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KJN has been providing outstanding technology solutions for more than 25 years.  We take great pride in the long standing relationships we have established with our customers, vendors, & partners alike.  Interested in new or upgraded solutions for you and your team?  Not satisfied with your current technology solutions provider?  KJN invites the opportunity to add your organization to our growing list of satisfied customers.  Contact KJN today!

Microsoft Solutions

KJN began its partnership with Microsoft in 1992.  Realizing early on that Microsoft had a strong vision of being a leader in the world-wide information revolution.  All the way back to the original public release of Windows and even earlier with DOS, KJN has dedicated itself to better understanding how the core Microsoft products work.  Through education, certification, research and most importantly experience, KJN has a solid reputation built on providing exceptional service.  When it comes to choosing your Microsoft Solutions, let KJN guide you down the most logical path given your particular situations.

Document Imaging / Management

Most of us know that scanners and document storage software have been utilized for some time now.  Not too long ago, you had to have pretty deep pockets in order to step into the digital document creation, storage, management and retrieval.  That has changed now that entry-level and mid-range production scanners have reached the market.  Coupled with familiar and easy to use software, these scanners allow organizations to dramatically reduce the amount of filing cabinet usage.  No more looking through the paper filing system only to find that someone has removed a file and didn't replace it.  Now not only can you view the file from your computer, but other authorized users can view the file simultaneously.  Better yet, you don't even need to be in your office.  Upon proper authentication, you can view it from anywhere you have an internet connection.  KJN can provide you with assistance developing your unique document scanning - storage - management - retrieval system.

Internet / Communication Services

Dealing with the hassles of internet and telephone providers can be a daunting task.  Let KJN use 25+ years of experience to iron out your wrinkles.  Knowing which internet provider gives you the best service at a competitive rate for your particular location can help you maintain high-speed reliable connections to the world.  Most telephone service providers fail to inform you when lower rates for the same service are available.  Implementing your cellular service into your corporate network while still optimizing to lower data services plan costs.

Website / Internet Marketing

Chances are pretty good that most everyone (at least in the Internet world) regularly use a major search engine.  Long gone are the days when the average person reaches 1st for the yellow pages telephone directory.  When we need to find information about a business (local or abroad) we now gravitate towards our favorite search engine.  Strategic development of your website and website marketing plan may very well be your most productive move nowadays.  KJN can provide you with the tools to help paint you a clearer picture of what the Internet may have to offer your particular industry.

Network Design & Maintenance

Proper network strategy and design helps to ensure a reliable environment.  Let's face it, our networks now have an intense amount of operations and information exchanges happening on an almost constant basis.  It is inevitable that hardware and/or software will fail at some point.  It is imperative that you have proper fault tolerance and disaster recovery plans.  Especially since more and more transactions and documents are becoming digitized.  KJN provides multiple layers of fault tolerance for you to choose from.  A few of our technologies include virtualization, hardware redundancy and off-site replication.

Wire & Cable Topologies

Although wireless network connections are great for many infrastructures, some of today's latest technologies such as unified communications (UC) still require the high-speed reliability of a 'wired' network. KJN offers quality cabling solutions for indoor/outdoor telephone, network, audio, video and surveillance.  Hubs, switches, routers, surge equipment, power over ethernet (POE), telephone systems, satellite systems, surveillance (CCTV) DVR.

Wireless Technologies

Whether you need a building-to-building solution, entire building-wide coverage or a single access point  - KJN has a solution.  Let us help you eliminate low signal or dead zones on your wireless LAN.  Is your wireless security properly enabled?  Need your PDA/cell phone synched with your Microsoft Exchange Server through the cellular network?  Never again worry about losing your contacts when your phone is lost, broke or stolen.  Microsoft ActiveSync along with Microsoft direct push technology allows you to frequently (and automatically) synchronize your contacts, email, appointments and tasks with your Microsoft Exchange Server.

Barcode Solutions

Like it or not, barcodes are everywhere!  Barcodes have become the standard for processing an items activity.  From raw materials to final product and well beyond.  Barcodes keep us updated as to the location and history of packages shipped through almost all major carriers.  Barcoding your inventory undoubtedly streamlines your departments.  Whether you automate large-scale  production tracking, or simply need to read barcodes with a single hand-held device for future analysis, KJN is eager to help you with your barcode success.

Accounting & Payroll Solutions

Accounting is the root of every type of business entity.  Although there are fundamental rules to follow, every organization has its uniqueness.  Choosing an accounting solution with a strong support backing helps to ensure data integrity as well as availability.  KJN has a long track record of successfully supporting computer-based accounting solutions.  Need assistance with your current accounting application?  Maybe you're curious if you have outgrown its capabilities?  Does your solution have the ability to attach scanned documents to individual transactions?  Imagine not having to keep track of all those paper bills!

Digital Telephone Systems (VoIP)

Welcome to the most significant development in the standard telco structure since its original release.  VoIP swept around the planet as it offered standard telephone service and features for an incredibly lower price than traditional land line providers (sometime referred to as POTS Plain Old Telephone Service).  Both residential and commercial telephone users now have many more features than before.  Generally, all of these valuable features come standard with your service.  Unlike the old days when each feature was a costly add-on to your already expensive service.  KJN has solutions for both residential and commercial users.  VoIP has also been a terrific expense saver for international travelers.

Video Surveillance (CCTV)

Now that high-speed Internet connections are quite common, monitoring your home or business takes on a whole new advantage.  Imagine being able to check on your production or shipping department from any available internet connection!  How about taking a peek at the current activities happening in your yard or driveway?  With the use of outdoor PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) night vision cameras, you can even check out the night action.  Scroll back through weeks of motion video to view something you may have missed.  KJN is happy to schedule a demonstration of these sleuth and security technologies.

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